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At-Home Inflammation Test

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Here's What We're Doing

Skin inflammation health assessment video call: 

This is a private 1:1 online video call to go over your inflammation test results. This is the perfect opportunity for us to design the perfect framework for allowing you to reclaim your health and confidence. ($197 value.)

Skin Inflammation At-Home Test: 

This is a quick and easy at-home urine test that measures the amount of inflammation in your body. Results are immediate. No need to send to a lab. Inflammation is at the root cause of skin problems. This accurate test reveals the source of acne and skin problems. ($97 value)

Skin Inflammation Evaluation: 

Take the simple skin inflammation quiz to determine the main drivers of your acne. We need to know what body systems are involved so we can design the best protocol to overturn your acne and skin inflammation. ($24.99 value)

Total value is: $318.99. 

Claim your at-home inflammation kit today for just $24.99! (Limited kits available.)

What Patients Have Said

"I can confidently say I have a better complexion and I'm so much more confident in my own skin!"


Get Your
Inflammation Test Now!

Discover the root cause of your acne and skin problems. Remove the mystery and question mark and get the clarity you deserve. 

This is the next best step to feel beautiful in your own skin and to regain your confidence. 

*Ships within continental United States. 

Thank you!

This form is not currently accepting submissions b/c capacity is full. Join the waitlist by clicking here and you will be notified when your spot is available to see if you'd still like us to put the order in for you. 

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