There Was Hope For Me And There Can Be For You Too

What is the health issue for you that has caused much sorrow, hurt and pain in your life? Most people can think of something readily in response to this question. Think about the toll it has taken on you physically, mentally, relationally and emotionally. How has it altered your life? In what ways have you altered your plans, ambitions, desires and goals because of this "burden?"

The truth is there is some REAL pain out there people are trying to shoulder each and every day. It weighs them down and it can be hard to put one foot in front of the other to just make it from sunup to sundown each day. I'm speaking here as one who has had experience with painful health issues. The physical pain and emotional trauma were very familiar for me and it was a low season in my life.

The major health issue I dealt with began when I was in 10th grade. There was a day I recall sitting in class and all of a sudden there was this pain behind my ear. I remember reaching back and feeling this lump behind my ear that was painful to the touch. I went to my primary care physician shortly thereafter to have it looked at. The doctor diagnosed it as a carbuncle cyst - a collection of boils. He ended up lancing the cyst and wrote a script for an oral antibiotic and a cream-based topical antibiotic. I felt very grateful after the appointment because much of the swelling came down and I felt more confident returning to school the next day. Unfortunately, about a week or two later there was a recurrence, this time on my forehead. It was a very large, fluid-filled abscess right on my forehead. I was so self-conscious and did not want anyone to see me. I wasn't sure I could even go to school looking the way I did. It was very frustrating because I really didn't know what had caused these two cysts.

These facial boils persisted for a total of nine years. I ran from doctor to doctor and took loads of medications to try and eradicate this issue. I never seemed to improve, but just kept breaking out. These skin lesions were almost always on my face. These horrible skin and complexion issues persisted through high school, undergrad, grad school and into chiropractic practice. These issues were very humiliating and I began skipping classes and isolated myself because I didn't want to be seen in public. I did more hot compresses and steam baths than one can fathom and tried to modify my diet to what I thought would be most beneficial. I still had so many issues, and wondered if this was ever going to resolve.

The Lord is so gracious because He lead me to a couple natural healthcare practitioners who started to work with me. They revamped my diet to exclude all inflammatory foods and helped me to supplement specifically based on what my body needed for proper detoxification. In the course of time working with these natural health docs my complexion issues resolved to where I don't have breakouts anymore. All praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I am healed and cleansed and I believe forever free of boils. I believe the Lord healed me. With that said, I also believe there needs to be due diligence on our part so that corresponding actions are working together with faith. I made it my mission to eat only what my body actually needs and what will benefit me nutritionally. I keep supplementing to this day to further support my body in its metabolic needs and demands. I exercise routinely and also work on gratitude and spending time daily in the Word of God to keep my mind in a healthy place and to further develop my relationship with Christ.

This is a large part of my testimony of what God has done in my life and it's all to His glory. I have tremendous compassion and empathy for those going through challenging health issues. My story has led me to open Emunah Health LLC, an online, concierge health consulting practice to help others overcome chronic diseases naturally. There is an answer for you. No matter how long you have been dealing with something, it' doesn't have to plague you for life. I have seen long-standing issues resolve with specific protocols implemented. I love to spend time with my patients going over an extensive health history form, ordering appropriate lab work, modifying the diet appropriately, supplementing specifically, talking about exercises and workouts to incorporate as well as creating faith-filled, healthy thinking habits. This is my method for helping others put their chronic diseases into remission.

Be blessed and be encouraged,

Dr. Seamus Allen


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