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What We Offer

Face Complexion

Emunah Health LLC is thee go-to virtual doctor's office for skin conditions. Dr. Seamus Allen is an expert experienced in helping patients naturally overcome skin problems. 



Free Consultation

Meet 1:1 with Dr. Seamus Allen on Zoom to discuss the state of your skin health. 60 minutes are reserved for him to listen and strategize about how you can be helped. 


The SkinRenew Transformation Course

Work through guided video lessons curated by Dr. Seamus Allen and go at your own pace to transform your health. 


The SkinRenew Transformation Program

Work directly with Dr. Seamus Allen virtually to overcome skin problems. This program entails his signature process of video tutorials, appropriate lab work, targeted supplements, a food guide and regular Zoom meetings to stay on track. 

The best place to begin and to know what's suited for you is to watch Dr. Seamus Allen's free video training. Check out the link here

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